Trick or Treat

I am so glad tonight is finally over.

We got the kids all dressed...again. After being a witch the other night LaLa was adamant that tonight she wanted to be a Hop-us (princess). Big Daddy didn't get the change notice and he had her half-way dressed as a witch before he understood that she was going to be a princess not a witch. So she wore a black leotard under her princess dress.


The boys headed off to be with friends and Big Daddy and I took the little ones around the neighborhood.


The last couple of years our neighborhood has a really good turnout for trick-or-treating, almost to the point of looking like a street fair. This year there were a lot less people out. I know some people really don't like the aspect of trick-or-treating, but I think it is fun to get out and visit with neighbors and just have fun.


I could really do without the candy though. I really don't have enough will-power to have this much candy around. And we have a lot of candy.


Way too much candy.


Einstein didn't think it was too much.


And the best part about tonight -- I realized that when we got home I had not fixed dinner. Yes I sent my kidlets out to beg candy from strangers without feeding them beforehand. Heaven help my children!


  1. HOLY SMOKES!!!! That is a lot of candy!
    I love your background. Is it one of Leelou's?
    Very Pretty!
    Thanks "E" for calling me tonight. You are so darn kind. I love you.
    The halloween pics turned out really neat...almost looked like there was a foggy mist!
    We had 5 trick or treaters (they all came together)

  2. It is a foggy mist. It's Connie's house. They had a smoke machine going crazy by their front door.

  3. What a fun night for everyone! Man, I love Halloween!

    Yep, that's alot of candy...and it looks like the good stuff too!

  4. You Bad Momma... At least I fed my kids eggs & hash browns & cucumbers...
    Man I swear it felt like the longest night trick or treating...

  5. I know Bren. I think we walked about 100 miles. So not worth it.

  6. we had around 15 kids-a lot of them were jr high kids. A lot of cute ones too. Had a lot of kids at work too!!! Oh how I miss those years dressing the kids up and going trick or treating....those years just flew by so fast. Enjoy these years.....

    Your kids are so cute...I just want to hug and kiss them. I wish I lived closer, then they could have come to our house for treats...


  7. Wow, your kids scored big time! I always love to go out trick or treating too, our neighborhood always reminds me of a small town movie during Halloween, but this year a lot of houses were dark. I don't know if the economy had everyone not wanting to pay for candy or what. Kind of sad.