Where Were You 90 Years Ago?

Today was Big Daddy's maternal Grandfather's 90th birthday. We call him Grandpa-Great.


He didn't want a big deal made of his birthday - hello 90 is a BIG deal. So there wasn't a big party or get-together, but when we stopped by his house this evening it was full of family.


When Big Daddy and I first started dating Grandma-Great and Grandpa-Great made me feel like part of the family from day one. His dear, sweet wife passed away in July of 1991 and he has lived alone since then.

GG and GG Johnson

We use to spend a lot more time over visiting him. A few days after Roo was home from the hospital we took her over to visit Grandpa-Great. I think it was love at first sight.

GG Johnson ethan rachel jared jun2002

Now that Grandpa is older and we have more kids and they are louder we don't spend as much time visiting him as we should.


Big J was checking out the pictures of Grandpa-Great playing the drums when he was younger. Grandma played the piano and Grandpa played the drums in their band. It was neat for Big J to have that connection with him.



  1. Oh I am so glad he had not gone to bed before you got there!
    I am sure the company did him good
    Love ya

  2. what an amazing life he has had. I'm sure he misses seeing you all as often! I wonder if I will make it to 90, I wonder what I will be like?

  3. That is great that he still is able to live in his own house. Our grandpa great just turned 92, and we call him that too!

  4. wow, 90! I'm not even halfway there... thanks for the reminder of how YOUNG I am! :o)

    PS happy birthday grandpa great!

  5. What a Great Grandpa Great.. That is so sweet that he has a good relationship with the kids.. Looks like a lot of ppl love him..
    Still Dr. Pepper free... Yeah for me! You can do it! I know you can.