Today was the Spelling Bee at school. This is Big J's second year to participate. He is a very good speller, but gets very nervous in front of people (kind of like his Mom--the nervous part, not the spelling part).

The first round was rough. It went from this many kids:

To this:


Big J's word in the first round:


He was totally heartbroken that he missed it. He sets such high expectations for himself and always expects to meet them. He was so upset and kept saying "But I know how to spell it."


I hate this part of being a Mom. I just want to make all the sadness go away. I wanted to stand up and make them give him another chance -- yeah like that wouldn't be embarrassing! All I could do is tell how proud I am of him and what an awesome kid he is.


I sure hope that is enough!

Then I pulled all the kidlets out of school came home and told them all to get jammies on and we are just going to hang out and watch movies.

IMG_6979 IMG_6977

IMG_6980 IMG_6978 Isn't that how you are suppose to deal with a bad day?!?


  1. so sad. poor guy. I know what you mean about making the sadness go away. so hard to not be able to.

  2. Hey, delicious is a hard word to spell!

    He looks like an adorable little guy...and I hope he's not too hard on himself. Not many kids even make it to the stage for the competition. He should be so proud of himself.

    Lene, so fun of you to let the kids get out early and have a pj day. I bet they loved it!

  3. That is exactly how I like to spend my bad days. Poor kid.

  4. aw, sweet boy. Tell him we're all proud of him just for competing. So many kids don't even do that. I was a great speller, but wouldn't have dreamed of trying that. He's awesome and brave!!

    I think it's great you declared a jammy day.

  5. Sorry to hear it didn't go better for him. He is a very smart kid, I am sure that was hard for him. I was always the runner up but never actually good enough to compete. So I am proud of him for getting to compete.

  6. Hey Jared,...Do you know how I spell Delicious?
    Yummy :oP
    Your voice doesn't even sound like a little guys anymore. You are sure growing up!
    I love ya bud
    and by the way it is good to see some good old "A" blood in you...none of us can spell Yummy with out spell check, let alone delisious!!

  7. But he tried & he tried his best. That's what counts. How fun to watch movies..
    Hope he's having a better day..