Patty Cake, Patty Cake

I have posted before about making birthday cakes for my kidlets. They pick and I bake. Einstein had a very specific cake he wanted made. It is a cake from the online game Toontown. We love Toontown and play it --a lot.

Anywho -- Einstein wanted a Toontown cake. I was a little worried about making a tall layer cake. It wasn't something I have ever done before and I envisioned all of the lopsided cakes I have made before and didn't want the 'Leaning Tower of Cake'. I got started by baking 4 different layers. When I started planning this cake I knew that I would use pudding between the layers.


Notice that I have all of the required equipment for decorating a cake.


I always have a hard time getting the frosting smooth. I am totally intimidated by fondant, but I might have to give it a try to finally have a really smooth cake.


Before I could really start decorating I had to update the equipment I was using.


Then the fun began.


I thought it looked a lot a Toontown cake. My lettering on top was done way too quickly and with a tired hand and looked pretty bad. I wrote the name of Einstein's main Toon.


Einstein thought the cake totally rocked!



  1. I have no idea what a genuine 'toontown' cake would look like. But, yours looks pretty awesome! Wow, four layers, huh? I've never gotten past two!

    your side comments about your equipment made me chuckle. I know my husband would approve of you because you like dp... :o)

  2. Wow that cake looks incredible...you totally Rock!! I too don't know what a Toontown cake would look like but I'm certainly impressed by yours!

    Your such a great mom to your kids and what a wonderful example you are for others. Your kidlets are very lucky indeed!

  3. The cake turned out AWESOME!
    You and I have the same true blood. Can't cook or bake without a pop close by!
    Love ya lene!!

  4. The cake looks fantastic!! Good job!!
    And Happy belated Birthday to Einstein!!

  5. WOW I'm impressed!!! Happy birthday


  6. Hi Lene- I met you at Tyler's baptism and I've been meaning to comment on your blog. LOVE the cake. I'm SO not good at cakes. I can tackle most crafts decently but cakes has not been one of my specialties. I'm IMPRESSED! Anyway- it was great to meet you and I hope to get to know you better! Where do you guys live?

  7. I was wondering about the cake. It looks AWESOME!! You did a fantastic job.. I am not sure what I was doing yesterday, but I should of brought you a DP.. Silly me for thinking you stopped like you said you were going too...
    Call me & say Hey Sonic sounds good...

    And don't let my sister in law full you. She can freakin do ANYTHING! She is Martha Stewart..

  8. WOW my cankes have never looked that good! i need a lesson..