100 Things About Me - A Work in Progress

  1. I am the youngest of 5 children.
  2. My sister and I are 6 years and 7 months apart. She is the oldest.
  3. I was born in Mesa AZ.
  4. I have lived in AZ, WA, ID and UT.
  5. UT was my favorite place to live.
  6. I really don't like living in AZ. It is too hot, but Big Daddy has a really good job here.
  7. I haven't had a job in over 9 years.
  8. I feel blessed to be able to stay home with my kids.
  9. We would be much more stable financially if I worked outside the home.
  10. I was a corporate travel agent in my past life.
  11. I really liked my job.
  12. I like being a stay-at-home mom A LOT more.
  13. I have 5 kids.
  14. I love my kids so much that sometimes it actually hurts.
  15. I had one miscarriage. I still mourn that baby.
  16. I had my first baby when I was 30.
  17. I had my fifth baby when I was 38.
  18. I got married when I was 28. Big Daddy was 22.
  19. I am 6 years older than Big Daddy.
  20. We have been married 12 years.
  21. I didn't have any idea how hard marriage would be. I knew it would be hard. I didn't know it would be this hard.
  22. I don't think I am an easy person to live with.
  23. I like to get my way.
  24. I think usually my way is right.
  25. I am learning to say I am wrong - the few times it has happened.
  26. I try to use humor to diffuse stressful times.
  27. I like to laugh.
  28. I have a really strange sense of humor.
  29. Sometimes I laugh at really inappropriate things. Not out of nervousness - I think they are funny.
  30. I like funny movies.
  31. I don't have a favorite movie. There are too many to choose from.
  32. I don't like horror movies - at all.
  33. As I get older I enjoy chick-flicks more.
  34. I don't like watching movies in theaters.
  35. I get nervous being in large crowds.
  36. I would much rather read a book than watch a movie.
  37. I stay up too late reading.
  38. Once I start a book I have to finish it. Even if I don't like it.
  39. I went a long time without ever reading a book for pleasure.
  40. I thought I was too busy being a mom to read.
  41. I want my kids to see reading as a fun thing to do.
  42. I don't have a favorite book. There are too many to choose from.
  43. I am a fairly fast reader.
  44. I really like the library.
  45. Because of the library I am more eclectic in my choices of books to read.
  46. I don't like listening to books on tape.
  47. I like to listen to music.
  48. I LOVE my ipod.
  49. I don't have a favorite song or type of music. There is too many to choose from.
  50. I don't like country music.
  51. I like to clean to hard rock music.
  52. My house isn't a clean as I would like it to be.
  53. I am not as thin as I would like to be.
  54. I have a hard time setting goals and achieving them.


  1. Hey! We have a lot in common. Although, I am convinced that you are wrong with #9! (still friends?) :o)

  2. We also have a lot in common. Except I love to go to movies. But the others I am the same kindof. Ok well I'm not a fast reader at all.
    I'll listen to country if there is nothing else on the radio.
    I wasn't a travel agent. But I worked in the hotel industry for awhile..
    Loved learning more about you!
    Oh yeah and Marriage! Ugh - yeah it definatley isn't the easiest thing & takes SO much freaking work. They say women are hard - Whatever!!!

  3. We are so different. No wonder I like you so much!

  4. I loved reading your list and finding out more about you!

    I don't particularly like going to movies either and hardly ever do. I also love reading. You should see the stack of books on my nightstand!

  5. great list, can't wait for the 2nd part!

  6. Oh so that is the kind of list that we are dong...whew... I thought it was 100 things I wanted to fix or work on!
    I sure love you 'Lene.
    I miss you...and we are alike but not...pretty crazy!
    I am sure we get the good qualities from mom...hehehee

  7. Love your list. Can't wait to see the rest. I so love to read too. I've also let it slide a bit the last year or so, because of the babies. I learned to let go of that feeling that I have to finish a book I start. Maybe I just found the one horrible enough not to finish.