What's Your SPF

Yesterday Big Daddy went under the knife.

He has skin cancer and goes to the dermatologist twice a year. Each visit they usually find five or six spots that need to be "burned" off (cryogenics). He had 7 spots on his shoulders removed that left scars about the size of quarters. There was a spot on his lip that was cut off. But through all of this he had been able to avoid stitches.

Well not this time.


The spot was deeper and wider than we thought and they had to stitch him up.


I really hate cancer.


  1. Oh Big D,
    I am so sorry!
    Where they able to get it all? Was this the only Owie???

  2. Wow- I am so sorry! That's gotta hurt. I hope he is feeling better. My dad has had skin cancer & my mom has too. Yeah - for me!
    How are you feeling?
    How about lunch anyday next week. Ok- wait except Wed. Where do you want to go? We could go to Joe's Farm house & the kids could run & play outside all they want & we can chat. But they don't have Dr. Pepper! But I HAVE to give the freakin drug up - I swear all my clothes are tight & I am looking like a balloon..
    Ok- do let me know.. You know- I'll just have a Sonic anywho.... No will power from this girl!

  3. ouch...I try to be careful around here. We wear sunscreen on our faces everyday and cover good when in swimsuits but we spend SO much time outside in the summer it's tough.