We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do

Today was the last day of Spirit week - Pride Day and the last day of school before our 2 week fall break.


I took the little ones and headed to the school this morning for the awards assembly.

Big J got perfect attendance this quarter. I was really impressed by the number of 5th graders with perfect attendance.


He also got and award for math olympics. Don't ask me what the math olympics are. I have had the boys explain it to me and I think each test is connected to a sport and blah blah blah, but it is a big deal at the school.


Big J and Einstein both made it on the Principal's List, which is the highest honors level. Yesterday all the kids on the Principal's list had breakfast with her. This is the first time Einstein has been on the list since it is only for 3rd through 5th grade. Big J has missed one quarter and I don't think he plans on letting that happen again.


I did stop by Roo's classroom so she could share this awesome scarecrow she made. I love that she didn't add the spider on hers.


So now we have a 2 week break from school and we don't have plans to do anything fun or exciting. I think our lazy summer may carry over to fall break.

The only problem with doing nothing is this:


You would think with a TV like this we would be able to keep entertained. But unfortunately the lamp is burned out right now so we just have this big black hole of nothing to stare at. Hopefully the replacement lamp should be here by Monday or Tuesday. Not that the kids watch a ton of TV, but when it is still in the high 90's it is hard to go outside and play all day long.


We do have a ghetto set-up for the wii. Of course the screen is soooo small that I can't even see what is going on, but it works for the kids. At least my mii doesn't look as fat during wii fit on such a small TV.

  • Is it a bad thing that I am glad Roo didn't get an award so I only had to sit through 1 assembly?
  • How bad is it that I don't really care what math olympic are?
  • Do scarecrows usually have nostrils?
  • Do your kids watch a lot of TV? and how much is too much?
  • How would you like to have a 2 week break from school in the fall?
  • Did you wish Bren a Happy Birthday?


  1. In short:
    Not really bad.
    hmmm, don't now.
    Yes, they say more than an hour a day is too much-yikes, we're in big trouble.
    I'd love it, we get a month off in December--looking forward to that.
    Nope, I don't know Bren, but I'll go wish him/her a Happy Bday right now!
    (guess that wasn't really "in short" was it?

  2. wow, I remember reading about your school schedule a while back on your blog, but it didn't really occur to me then how great it would be to have 2 weeks right now! Our weather is perfect and would be so much better than in the 100 degree summer. Hope you guys enjoy your time. Have fun!

  3. Yes I wished myself Happy Birthday - thank you!!!
    You didn't get your tv fixed. Yikes! I hope the weather cools down so the kids can spend all day everyday outside for the next 2 wks..
    Great job kids on all the awards.
    Thanks for remembering me & wishing me happy B-day..

  4. No
    Math what is math?
    The one on Wizard of OZ didn't
    I wish you would come spend your two week break with me...yea yea I know...easier for me to come down.
    Yes I did...
    Love you!

  5. I think we may be in the same school district because we're off for two weeks too, and I'm loving it! So far. I'm sure by the end, I'll want them to go back.