Menu Monday

I am taking a two week fall break from Menu Monday. Since we are free from schedules we are just going to wing-it for the next couple of weeks. Well I don't know how really free we are -- Big Daddy is still working, Ham has his regular therapy, the Boyz have karate and scouts and Roo has cheer. But dang it I am not planning a menu! I do know what we are having for dinner tonight - zesty crockpot chicken from my menu last week. I am such a dork that I forgot to start the chicken yesterday before church. We had pancakes last night.


  1. Forgetting to turn on the crockpot sounds totally like something I would do.

  2. one day last week, Ray and I had scrambled eggs for supper...


  3. Judy and I must be related we had eggs and toast for dinner last week too!
    OH WAIT we are related!!!