Illness and Friendship

Yes I am still here and yes I still have pneumonia. I have been totally knocked down and out. I am finally starting to feel better, but I still have a constant low-grade fever and I am just worn out.

This is a run-down of the last couple of weeks at Casa de Chaos:

  • Ham has had croup which included a visit to the pediatrician
  • Einstein had laryngitis which also included a visit to the pediatrician and missed some school
  • Roo has had an earache and cough and missed some school. She didn't get taken to the pediatrician because I was tired of going
  • I napped
  • Ham had a visit to the orthopedic surgeon that didn't give us any answers
  • School picture day which included a little craft project that hopefully be blogged about soon
  • I read
  • Big J had his first big project for school due which I forgot to take any pictures of
  • twice weekly therapy visits for Ham
  • Karate starting again for Big J and Einstein
  • a new cousin was born
  • and the best part - I was stalked! Bren, who I have never met in person but I feel like I have known forever through our blogs, stopped by with a big ol' Sonic Dr Pepper and yummy chips & salsa. I was totally surprised and was looking my worse and I am sure I scared her away. Thank you Bren, you are the greatest!

There is one other exciting thing that has happened also:

We still have alot of work with his therapist to get his left leg more flexible and strengthened. But he is walking on his own! Yippee!


  1. I thought you looked Great! You had make up on & clothes.. (Which I must say I am glad about the clothes part :) )
    It would of been a really easy drive if I hadn't of gone the scenic route there..
    Yeah Ham - Great job buddy! ARe you tearing up?
    I hope your fever breaks & your feeling better...

  2. Your family has really been hit hard lately, especially you! I always wonder if the kids get sick right about now due to the fact that they've started back to school!?!

    I'm so glad your feeling at least a little better these days. You've had some of us very worried!

    So Bren stalked you. How cool and fun is that! I know what you mean about feeling like you've know her forever. I felt like that even more when we met in person. I'll be back in AZ in Oct so we'll have that lunch date with you, Bren, and myself then!

    Look at your little guy! How exciting...it brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing that with us. (I need to learn how to post videos like this!! Is this from your phone?)

    Take care and have a great holiday weekend!

  3. Gosh! I hope you are feeling 100% real soon. Hope all the youngsters are better too. Man, you've taken a whoopin'!! congrats to the little guy! that is so awesome!!

  4. Congrats on the little guy walking.
    I have a suggestion-get a pneumonia shot-I did and I have not been sick in 3 years!!!
    Get better soon and the rest of the kiddos too!!!

    Take Care...

    your cousin Judy

  5. He looks so cute in your video. That face. That smile!

    Yea Bren to the rescue!

    I can't believe how you guys have been hit so hard by the yucks. I'm glad you're on the mend.

    Can't wait to see the pics

  6. Lene,
    I was so excited to see you had a new post and then to see Adam walking...oh my stars!! I just set and clapped my hands for him!
    That was so neat of Bren' hey I would take a stalker if it ment a drink from Sonic!!!
    Don't over do, so you can get better.
    I love you

  7. Yeah - been there, done that, with the pneumonia shot. I had one 3 years ago. I plan on getting one again this year. Maybe I can make it last 4 year this go-around?!?

  8. dude i thought my august was brutal. yay on the walking!! whoo hoo!

  9. just watching Ham walking again...oh it makes me so happy