SPT - Feng Shui Summer

From Lelly - "our routines can seem out-of-whack in the summer and it's more important than ever that we funnel our energy into the hearts of our families. not so easy to do when there are more snacks to prepare, more laundry to do, more trips to the store/movies/museums/gas station... we must strike a balance between pool time, library time, travel time and quiet time!! to help channel our personal chi, let's take time this month to focus on the 5 elements of summer: sun, water, shade, grass and ice cream!!

these can be as easy or as challenging as you want them to be...just get out there and take some pictures!!"

  • july 1 - sun
  • july 8 - water
  • july 15 - shade
  • july 22 - grass
  • july 29 - ice cream

Big Daddy is the "official" keeper of the lawn at our house.


On Saturday after running errands with me and getting items checked off a honey-do list (like moving boulders around the backyard) it was getting late in the day for mowing. So I offered to mow the lawn for him.


The next day he asked me lovingly if I meant to leave stripes of long grass in the lawn. Well not really - but next time I am going to try for polka dots.


I really love our grass. It is soft - like sink-your-feet-into-it soft grass. But I think for now I will leave the mowing to Big Daddy.


  1. I like the lines in the grass. Its like when you vacuum the carpet it looks better with lines in it. Your grass looks very plush!!!

  2. My husband always does a lined pattern in the lawn, that's how they do it in baseball. you lawn does look very lush, good job.

  3. I like the stripes. Polka dots would be fab

  4. Totally try for polka-dots next time. Your grass looks amazingly plush!

  5. Your grass looks so wonderfully thick! I love it! I leave all of the mowing to my hubby. My mom taught me to never mow or bbq because as soon as I do they are certain to become my jobs too. I like that advice so I play dumb in those two areas.

  6. Oh! I wanna see polka-dots! Wouldn't it be fun to have to time . . .

  7. You have a beautiful lawn. I am very impressed!

  8. I like the stripes!!! Hey it takes real talent to get them straight! And you did it very well!
    I like where you moved the rocks.
    How did you do it?
    and the toe nails...AWESOME!

    I love you

  9. how about checker board for the pattern....(the lawn) just a thought....hahahaha



  10. ahhhh! i just want to sink right into your lawn. (stripes and all...)

  11. Your stripes look like perfect boundaries for relay races!

    I love your toe-nails. They are as luxurious looking as the soft grass.

    Okay, out with the real secret, how do you get your husband to do a honey-do list?

  12. Big Daddy can mow the grass!!! Yes mam, he can!
    (personally I like the stripes...one time I mowed in circles. Kinda fun.)
    I ENVY your GREEN cooshy grass...where can I get some?! :)

  13. Strips or polka dots.. .I think he should be glad you offered to mow at all... I know I wouldn't... not in that Arizona heat.. that is for sure!

  14. Great job!
    I love how lush it looks- it makes me want to take my shoes off and go on over to your house!

  15. i am partial to the lines myself. i always liked the lines in my carpet after a vaccum too. it speaks cleanliness...

  16. Polka dots would be very cute! wouldn't it be fun to try, just once! Your grass looks wonderful. You will have to ask big daddy how he does it. We can't seem to get ours that nice and green and plush!