One Down .....A Bunch To Go


They all had a great day! and I am so glad they are home.


Even if my table is full of backpacks and school papers!


  1. I remember those days. It just seemed like yesterday......wasn't it just yesterday????
    Oh how the years go by.....


  2. I am so glad they had a good day!!!

  3. I love this picture of them running home towards you. I only have a couple more years, but I am definitely taking this picture!

  4. Oh, the 1st day of school is so much fun! I love all the excitement that comes home in them and in their backpacks!

  5. I loved the 1st day of school for my kids...all of the excitement and anticipation!

    So glad your kiddos had a great one! I just can't believe how early they are starting now...it's still July for pete's sake!

    I'll be dropping my little sis off at ASU late August and plan to get together with Bren...maybe you could join us!! I'd love it!

  6. First day of school. I can't even imagine that right now. We have over a month until mine go back. They don't start here until Sept 2 Sometimes I wish we went to school in August, it is a long month. :-) This year all 4 of my kids will be in school. The little one only Kindergarten, but weird. Good luck to your kids as they start a new year.

  7. Wait...I want to get together too!!!
    I hope you all have a ball!

  8. thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment..I hope you come back soon!

    School, already? I thought we started too early...August 11th but starting in July is just crazy!

  9. So how did the week go? We just met Charly's teacher tonight & met the boys teachers last night.
    I love Roo running down the path, what a cool path that is...