The Nursery Isn't For Babies!

Today was Ham's first day of nursery at Church. In our Church the children 18 months to 3 years old have their own nursery class. Well in our Ward we have 5 different nurseries because we have so many children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. Ham thought it was great, he just went right in and started playing with toys.


We didn't have to worry about him being upset about being away from us because Big Daddy and I were called as his nursery teachers. We have about 10 other little ones in our class and most of them are upset about being away from their parents!



  1. how fun for you guys! i can't believe you have so many nurseries. ours is so small (my two boys the only ones old enough to be in there) so we just open it up to all babies!

  2. not enough prozac in the world for me ....

    and what about Ham's head...carpet burn or fun in the nursery?
    Love ya.

  3. Ham's head was a Saturday casualty. He fell off a chair and just clipped the edge of the TV stand. I really hate our TV stand!