Just Peachy

On Saturday when we were at Costco I grabbed a flat of peaches. After sitting in my kitchen a few days they are perfectly ripe. You know the juice-running-down-to-your-elbow ripe. So good. Unfortunately I didn't realize that none of my kids will eat peaches. I don't think I can eat a whole flat by myself.


So I made this:


Peach Crumble.

Roo was the only one that still didn't like peaches.


  1. Ohh that looks so yummy. Man I wish I had your talent in the kitchen. You family must love all your cooking...
    How about next week let's meet at Mcdonalds for lunch with all the kids. They have a pretty big play area.. They have Dr. Pepper & Chocolate chip cookies...

  2. Lene,
    That looks so good!
    I am really proud of you and the way you have taken up your natural gift to bake and be creative in the kitchen.
    Mom would be proud!
    I love you!