The Dog Days of Summer

Today my sister packed her things and left. It makes me sad each time I walk into Ham's room and her stuff isn't there. She has been here almost a month - it doesn't seem nearly that long. I knew that she would have to go home at some point, but I was thinking August! She has gone to spend a few days with my brother and then we are all headed up to the mountains for a family reunion.

As much as I am going to miss her - and believe me I am really going to miss her. I think Harley is going to miss having her dog Itsy here. (This is a totally posed picture, otherwise I would have put a picture of Harley sniffing Itsy!)


My kids have really enjoyed having a little dog to play with. Harley isn't much into playing.


Even is she is a moody little chihuahua!



  1. Oh man! Charly would of been in heaven with a Chihuaha around.. ok- I screwed up the spelling. She is back into her talk of having one someday.. Ugh!

  2. I miss you too!
    Itsey and I had a ball playing!
    See you at the reunion!

  3. dogs and kids-the BEST


  4. How fun to have your sis live with you for awhile. And the cute dog too!
    Have a great time at the reunion.