What Have I Done?

I love Ham's curls. I think little boys with curls are just about the cutest thing ever. Unfortunately Ham's were getting a bit out of control. He was looking like a cross between a mad scientist and someone that had a small woodland animal make their home on the back of his head.

So it was time to say goodbye.


He wasn't too sure of having someone touching his head for so long.


Now he is a little man. So sad.


At least there is still some curl back there.

***My Dad is still in the hospital. I have spent the last few evenings with him. Last night I was there with all my siblings. It was horrible seeing him is so much pain and not being able to do anything for him.***


  1. I remember my son Matt at that age. He had curls all over his head. He dressed like a boy, acted like a boy, played like a boy and everyone said to me-oh what a cute little girl...So his dad said-OFF with the curls. Event to this day, Matt keeps his hair really, really, really short. He has my curls.


  2. Curls are so cute on boys..
    I am so sorry to hear your dad is still in the hospital. I completely understand though how hard it is to see your dad in pain & to feel helpless.
    I hope he gets well soon. I'll talk to you in a week. We're leaving tomorrow..