I really appreciate everyone's good thoughts and prayers. I am so grateful for my blog and the wonderful bloggy world with such caring people out there.

They are putting the defibrillator in my Dad this afternoon at 2:30pm. I am more than a little concerned. Most of the reasons they said they were waiting to be gone are still there. Makes me really wonder about the condition of his heart. The worst part is the wait. I was trying to go up to the hospital and wait, but had a hard time finding babysitters. I guess it is easier to be here at home and busy with the kiddos.

***update -- he made it through the surgery. He had a code blue during the surgery but they think he is going to be okay.





  1. I would of watched your kids for you. I just got home from the girls getting their hair done. I went to a new place & for both of them it was a total of 5 hrs. That is so much better then 8 hrs for just Charly...
    If you need someone let me know. We will be leaving out of town for a week on Sunday.
    Hope everything worked out & he is doing better this afternoon!

  2. I'm glad he's going to be ok... I hope he'll be out soon. Do you need any help?

  3. hi
    i am your swap partner for the favorite things swap! What an inspiration you are to me! I have one child right now but we have always wanted 4 or 5. My litte boy turned 2 last month and the past few weeks haev been rough, hes just very defiant. I have been thi8nking to myself "I dont know if I want 4 or 5 now"!!! I see big families like yours though and it makes me so happy and jealous! I want that! I have started getting your package ready adn will mail out in a few days.

  4. I linked to your blog thru Bren's blog. I too am from Arizona! I hope that everything continues to progress for your Father. I love the pictures, and words you put on his hospital room wall. Darling! Your kids are so cute!

  5. Just checked in to see how your dad is doing.
    Glad that things went well with the surgery- a little scary it sounds like!