SPT - The Merry Month of May


Lelly's challenge this week month: "May means *wedding month* to me. And, no, this challenge is not going to be about weddings (unless you want it to be...) This month's challenge is simply:

  • Tuesday, May 6 something old

  • Tuesday, May 13 something new

  • Tuesday, May 20 something borrowed

  • Tuesday, May 27 something blue

Take it literally, take it figuratively, but by all means, make a commitment to complete all four challenges for the month of May!"

Here is my something blue.

I went from this:


It is called "Russian Navy" (it is almost purple it is so dark)

To this:


It is "Teal The Cows Come Home" (I wear this one a lot)

My toenails are always polished, but I have never had a pedicure. The thought of someone touching my feet kind of freaks me out. And I really like to use unusual colors (I think it is border-line obsessive). It is my rebellion from my fat lady frump. The rest of me might be frumpy, but my toes are sassy (and a bit chubby)!

Are your toenails polished?


  1. Love the sassy toes! I wear mine unpolished for now....as I stink at trying to polish them neatly. I haven't had a pedicure since the day before my baby was born last year. Hmmmmm, seems way past time now!

    Oh yeah, you should definately try a pedi! It's the best!!!! You can even bring your own color if you are worried you won't find something that matches your personality as well.

  2. i love it: "teal the cows come home!" what a fun polish!

  3. Too cute! I am feeling really frumpy & pmsy today... I thought of painting my girls toes blue for the picture. But just had to go with the escape route!!!
    Hope your kids are feeling better!

  4. I love the name...teal the cows come home...very clever! I have only recently started painting my toes but I am finding that I, too, gravitate toward the funky colors. Right now I have HOT PINK polish with a glitter top-coat. Everytime I look at my toes I feel fun and happy and hip and cool. Cute SPT!

  5. My toenails are always painted. I don't enjoy a pedicure I would rather do it myself. The name of that polish is the best. I tend to go for pinks and reds, you have inspired me to branch out.

  6. Whoohoo...I love your sassy cute toes! What fun! I never thought I was a pedicure type, 'til I got one and wow, I'm over it. But, for lack of time, money, you know...I mostly do it myself. I have never gone for those funky colors though so way to go for you! LOVE the Teal the Cows Come Home Blue!

  7. Your bright blue toes are so fun! I love the name too. Toes are meant to have some fun too.

  8. I'm lovin' those sassy toes! Yep, mine are painted too...I love pedicures and get them regularly. I never thought I was the pedicure type but now I find them sooo relaxing, love them!!

    "teal the cows come home"...who thinks up these things!?! Very cute!

  9. Love the name of the polish. Way to be "sassy". I've never had a pedicure either for the same reason. I don't want anyone touching my feet. I thought it was just me!

  10. I have always thought your had the "sassiest" toenails!! I love them.
    I on the other hand love to have my feet and legs rubbed. But, I am not sure I could handle a stranger doing it.
    Love ya

    ready to be Wii fit!!!???!!!!

  11. My toes are always polished! I almost repainted them yesterday for my "something blue"....great minds think alike. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. After you told me you found a waffle in your purse on my spt, I had to check out your blog! Soooo funny! I LOVE that teal polish...is it OPI? (sounds like one of their names, I used to want to be a "nailpolish-namer"...I swear!)
    Pedicures.....somewhat overrated. I love the massage part. The warm towel part.
    But last one I had I got some funky athlete's foot stuff....NO MORE PEDI'S for moi!
    (love the toe rings too!)

  13. Your nail polish has the funnest names- it matches the fun toes! I like it. I'm way to boring and practical- red, pink, etc. Pedicures are definitely worth it, although they do tickle a little!