Saying Goodbye To Kindergarten

Last night was Roo's Kindergarten Promotion Program.

I am a fairly emotional Mom. I cry at everything. My kids know that. I think if I didn't cry they would really think something was wrong with me. Anywho -- the Principle started the program by saying "Say hello to the Class of 2020!" I was in tears.

Here they are:


Here is Miss Roo:


The program was really short. The kids sang 4 songs and it was over. The decided not to hand out each individual certificate because there are 7 kindergarten classes and the teachers thought that might take too long.

Here is Roo and her teacher:


She also taught Big J and Einstein in kindergarten. I would love for to keep teaching at our school for all of the kids. She is an awesome teacher.

Roo with me and Big Daddy:


And her brother's and sister:


How cute are they?!?!?


  1. glad to hear they didn't pass out each child's certificate!
    Oh Sweet "Roo" your Aunt Niece loves you! You are growing up and are as beautful as any little girl should be. You will be amazing like your mom. You are a very talented artist, and have a smile that makes hearts happy.
    I can't wait to see you in July.
    Love you so much
    Aunt Niece

  2. we are cousins for sure. I cry at Hallmark commercials!!! Yes, your children are very cute...


  3. Very cute indeed. Class of 2020 - how sobering is that. Don't do the math - you don't want to know how old you'll be then ;-)

  4. Too cute! You are so funny. I can't believe you where crying. I do not cry easy, so I can laugh..
    With you - not at you!
    Thanks for asking how the day went. Allie pooped in her panties twice today... I just don't get this child of mine! But it was a lot better day. My kids weren't at each others throats, so I was happy..
    I don't know how you do it with 5, you are a super woman!

  5. Very cute-- And I cry at everything too!