SPT - The Merry Month of May


Lelly's challenge this week month: "May means *wedding month* to me. And, no, this challenge is not going to be about weddings (unless you want it to be...) This month's challenge is simply:

  • Tuesday, May 6 something old

  • Tuesday, May 13 something new

  • Tuesday, May 20 something borrowed

  • Tuesday, May 27 something blue

Take it literally, take it figuratively, but by all means, make a commitment to complete all four challenges for the month of May!"

I know exactly what I would like to borrow.


I would love to borrow some of Ham's sleep. Lately I have been having a little problem with insomnia. I can't fall asleep, but even worst than that is not being able to stay asleep.


  1. After I had my first child I was hardly sleeping and I remember looking at our dog and actually being jealous that he could be sleeping so well. I hope the insomnia leaves you soon.

  2. Oh I am so sorry! I can relate.. Have you tried Tylenol pm or anything like that? Don't drink the DR. Pepper after 6 pm..
    Are you reading good books instead of sleeping?
    Come on come to the gym with me. We'll have fun together...

  3. I wish I could hang out longer so you could get a couple of good nights of sleep.
    or even a nap...
    love ya

  4. This problem is lurking around our house, also. (I'm secretly afraid it is part of aging.)

  5. so what did you eat on --Tuesday, May 20 something borrowed--??

    When I can't sleep, it's due to stress-or if
    I wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep!


  6. ugh - insomnia is the WORST!! thinking of that makes me want to go take a nap! hope you find some relief soon.