SPT - The Merry Month of May


Lelly's challenge this week month: "May means *wedding month* to me. And, no, this challenge is not going to be about weddings (unless you want it to be...) This month's challenge is simply:

  • Tuesday, May 6 something old

  • Tuesday, May 13 something new

  • Tuesday, May 20 something borrowed

  • Tuesday, May 27 something blue

Take it literally, take it figuratively, but by all means, make a commitment to complete all four challenges for the month of May!"


This is the bracelet and earring that Big Daddy got me for Mother's Day from lovely Dana.

Just a reminder that today is LiveStrong day. A day to celebrate cancer survivors, including me.


  1. What a fun bracelet and it looks great paired up with the LiveStrong bracelet. Today I will celebrate you!!

  2. I didn't know it was Live Strong day.. Thanks for letting me know, now what to do?? I have a really good friend that is a 2 time breast cancer survivor & she is my hero.. Her name is Cindy under my friends...
    I am so glad you are doing good & survived that horrible disease. I am also glad that I had a chance to meet you & become friends..
    Also your bracelet & earrings are so cute!

  3. What a cute bracelet. I'm so glad that you're a survivor! How awesome is that!

  4. Happy LiveStrong day to you! What a wonderful thing to celebrate. I'm so glad that you are among those who have cause to rejoice.

  5. Love the bracelet, love the earrings, love that you are a survivor and WE are reaping the benefits of knowing you!!!

  6. You goof, come to the gym.. Hello- I am way over weight too. I haven't been there this week, I have a major ear infection & it hurts. I'm a baby..
    let's get together over the summer & do something with the kids.

  7. I love Dana's creations! How fun.

  8. Fun new things-
    and your "new" life-
    WOW- congratulations- you did not mention how long its been or what type ... but hooray for you!

  9. That is so pretty!
    Congrats my sweet sister, for living strong through ALL that has came your way.
    You are my hero and best friend. I love you with every fiber of my heart and am grateful that we are more than just sisters but friends that love one another, and are eternal in our family.
    You make me happy.
    You make me a better person.
    You make me grateful.
    You make me celebrate.
    You make me strive to be the best aunt and mother I can be.
    I love you

  10. great post! (awesome jewelry) and a great story.