Einstein is Fierce

In Einstein's art class they did a unit on fashion design. This is his masterpiece. I love the color play that he used.

IMG_4435 IMG_4439

Notice the details of the black buttons and the white patches and the white buttons on the black patches. He also did the same for the little, itty, bitty pockets (this is definitely for someone that doesn't carry a lot of stuff in their pockets). I also like the details on the belt.

IMG_4440 IMG_4442 IMG_4444

Who knows, I might have a future "Project Runway" contestant.


  1. hey thanks for your kind comments.
    and thanks for helping cheer up the awesome jill

  2. First, I love his art! Such great use of graphic color.

    Second, I'm an elementary art teacher and love this idea. I may use it next year. :)

  3. E...YOU ROCK!!!
    That is awesome!!
    See you soon
    Aunt Niece

  4. I think he did an awesome job.. That's what he should do for you next Mother's day is design something for you...
    Where did you live at Ricks? The first year I was in the 2nd dorm, then the 2nd yr I was in Autumn Winds Apartments..
    That is so funny that you also knocked on that tomb.. What a small world.. I remember missing Taco Bell so bad there. And Maverick. That's where I walked to get my Dr. Pepper...