SPT - The Merry Month Of May


Lelly's challenge this week month: "May means *wedding month* to me. And, no, this challenge is not going to be about weddings (unless you want it to be...) This month's challenge is simply:

  • Tuesday, May 6 something old
  • Tuesday, May 13 something new
  • Tuesday, May 20 something borrowed
  • Tuesday, May 27 something blue

Take it literally, take it figuratively, but by all means, make a commitment to complete all four challenges for the month of May!"

My maternal grandma passed away when my Mom was just 6 years old. My Mom had 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers. My grandfather kept the children for awhile, but he was anything but a caring parent. Eventually an aunt and uncle offered to raise these children. So four of the children came from Texas to live with their aunt and uncle in Arizona. I am not sure how long after the children were here that my great-uncle Lowell passed away leaving his wife to care for her five children as well as his niece's and nephews. She did an amazing job raising all those children on her own. I always knew her as Grandma. My Mom called her Aunt Myrtle. Some in the family like to remind us that she wasn't really our Grandma. She was and will always be my Grandma and I know that I am her granddaughter. She passed away in 1997 from breast cancer. After she had passed away we were invited to come to her home and pick a few things to remember her by. I found this beautiful little vase and a stack of handkerchiefs. I keep them in a little box in my closet, but after opening the box and looking at them for this challenge I have decided I need to find a special place for them so I can see them and enjoy them more.


On May 10th she would be celebrating her 96th birthday. This is a picture of her taken around 1935.


After looking at that picture I think I could have just put a picture of my neck as something old. Why didn't someone tell my I have wrinkles on my neck?!?!? You would think with all my double chins I wouldn't have to worry about neck wrinkles! Holy old lady neck!


  1. great post! I love the photo of this amazing woman and I love the memory you shared!

  2. What a special connection with your grandma! I'm so glad you shared it. And, yes, you need to find a place to display your vase!

  3. You absolutely need to have the vase out somewhere-

    Love the cute short hair by the way!

  4. What an amazing woman. I am glad you shared the story. How inspiring.

  5. definitely put them out to enjoy! what beautiful treasures.

    *old lady neck*! well, i never...

  6. I love handkerchiefs and think it's so sad that they aren't really in style anymore...yours are so beautiful!

    I loved the story behind your "something old".

  7. What a wonderful way to do something old.
    Grandma was so amazing!
    and by the way, I think it was maybe the way you were setting...I have never seen wrinkles on your neck before...BUT I WILL BE LOOKING in ONE WEEK!!!!
    love ya

  8. Love the story. I think it's so great to have piece of ancestor's pasts!

    You so don't have a old lady neck!

  9. What a great story.. That's so neat that you were able to get the vase & hankie's..
    You crack me up! You don't have an old lady neck & as far as I can see you have 1 chin!!!

  10. What an amazing woman. And I agree that you need to display those special reminders of her.

  11. That was really touching. Thanks for posting it.

  12. HeeHee--old lady neck. Nah!

    How nice you found a way to display these special treasures. Maybe you could use some of them as backing for a photograph in a frame, like a mat.

  13. Old lady? NAH!

    Love the photo! They are such treasures!! And the vase is beautiful!!