Menu Monday

Wow another week has gone by! I am not sure how we did on the menu last week. I know we did ok on Monday and Tuesday. I have no idea if we even had dinner on Wednesday, I think the kids ate cereal. On Thursday we had Chicken Quesadillas instead of Las Cruces Burritos. So easy and yummy. And yesterday, oh yesterday. Did I ever let on that I am a total spaz! When we got home from church, at 5pm, and I realized I never put the roast on to cook. Here kids chew on this hunk of raw meat, it is yummy! So instead we had BBQ Chicken Pizza.


Nobody seemed to mind that we didn't have roast. I made a dessert pizza also. Tasted ok, but looked really bad so no pictures.

Things get a little crazy in May so the menus are going to be real tentative.

Here we go for this week:

  • Monday - Las Cruces Burritos
  • Tuesday - Salmon
  • Wednesday - Homemade Mac and Cheese
  • Thursday - we will probably grab take-out
  • Friday - Who knows?
  • Saturday - KFC (in memory of my Grandma, it is her birthday. Kinda weird how I celebrate those that are gone by eating food that reminds me of them on their birthdays. I don't know why, but it feels good to me.)
  • Sunday - Mother's Day Dinner at my in-laws

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  1. I love that you eat what reminds you of them! That's awesome!!