Happy Birthday Roo

Today my sweet, little girl turns 6.


Six things about Roo:

1. She was my smallest baby. She weighed 5 lbs 14 oz. We knew she was early, but somehow we had dates mixed up and think she was about 6 weeks early. She spent almost 3 weeks in the NICU.

2. She is the only one of my kids that has broken a bone -- so far. She broke her wrist by falling off the trampoline about a month before turning 2. She wasn't even jumping. She was sitting on the edge watching her brothers.

3. She is my only child with brown eyes -- like me and my Mom.

Picture 023

4. She is very compassionate. She is very worried about how people are feeling.

5. She is also very strong willed. She knows what she wants and usually can figure out how to get it, but in a good way.

Picture 025

6. She is very tall and skinny and delicate.

Bond Family Pictures May 2008 050

(No this is not her only dress, she just wears it a lot!)


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  2. Happy Birthday Roo! Love, Big Daddy.

  3. happy birthday you sweet little thing. You are so cute, I hope I have a granddaughter as sweet as you...happy 6th birthday!

    love, your cousin judy

  4. You are so darn pretty!
    I love you!
    Glad your B-day was fun!
    Love you
    Aunt Niece

  5. Happy Birthday Roo! Hope your having a Great Day!
    My girls had yellow dresses just like that, they grew out of them though...
    Too cute!