Thursday's Child

Ham will be 15 months old in a few days. I would really like him to start walking soon -- on his feet. Right now this is how he gets around:

He gets around pretty quickly this way.

But it makes my knees hurt just watching him. Carpet, tile, concrete -- it doesn't matter to him or his knees.

Wow I didn't realize how dirty my carpet was. I guess I need to get the steamer out and clean my carpet.

I had to add this photo. I posted pictures of Roo and her mom-made curls. These are Ham's curls and I didn't have to get a straight iron or curling iron out for his!


  1. So cute with the knees! And you make me laugh with the carpet cleaner thing!!! I thought I was the only crazy one who did that. As for the curls - adorable! Not of those in my house - ever! :(

  2. Your kids are so darn cute!
    Ham is one talented boy if you ask me!!!
    I miss you so much

  3. you need to teach him the "dino" fingers he would be perfect!!!