So How Long Does It Take To Get A Medical Degree

I have sick kids, ok only one kid -- AGAIN.
It seems like I have had to deal with more sick kids this year than normal.
Friday morning Einstein woke up and said he wasn't feeling well. I was planning on going to the Zoo with Roo's class for a field trip, so I told him to just get up and get ready for school and he would be fine. He decided to prove that he was really sick and threw up. I was really sad about missing the Zoo trip, ok not so much. I am really sad that my poor son is sick. He has been sick all weekend long. This morning he still wasn't doing well and his fever is getting higher (104), so I took him to the Dr today.
They think it is just a virus. I am the worst and knowing when I really need to take my kids in. If it is a virus I always take them in with in a day or two, but if it is something really serious it seems like I have waited an awful long time -- like time-to-call-CPS long time!
"So Mrs. B, when did your son start bleeding out of his eyeball?"
"Oh it has been about 2 weeks now Dr."
I did make him pose for a picture at the Drs. He was done posing!


  1. That stinks! *knocks on wood* We haven't had much this school year. Hoping for a good summer too! Probably just jinxed myself.

  2. Oh, Sweet E, I am so sorry that you are not feeling well.
    I hope you are real soon!
    I love you
    Aunt Niece

  3. The same with my daughter. She was sick with a fever for a week than got better & I finally went back to the gym yesterday & today she wakes up with the runs. All day long!! I hate taking them to the Dr to hear oh there's nothing we can do, just let it pass....