Real Men Know How To Cook

I have been having really bad headaches lately (they are not migraine, totally different). That has been part of my lack of desire to cook. When you don't feel well you don't really feel like being in the kitchen. Today I had another headache start this afternoon, but I was not going to mess up my menu plan again. Twice in two days is not good. So I decided that today was a great day to have Big J and Einstein make dinner. Chicken Enchiladas are pretty no fail -- Right?

Look how serious Einstein is with his cheese spreading.

The Enchiladas turned out AWESOME! The boys even did their own little twist to the recipe. They were so proud.


  1. I hope your headache gets better. But that is FANTASTIC about the boys cooking..The Enchiladas look good. How did it taste?


  2. WAY TO GO BOYS!!!!
    I am so proud of you!
    I bet they were delish!!
    I love you!
    'lene hope you are feeling better. I loved talking to you.

  3. headaches at the day's end are the worst! So awesome you have great helpers to do dinner...priceless knowledge you are passing on to those boys!

  4. What a great mom. I rarely think to have my boys help.. But your enchiladas look so good..
    What is your recipe, if you don't mind sharing..