Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This

Today has been an incredible day!
I really love days like this and I don't take the time to make them happen more often.
Usually if LaLa is high-drama 2-yr old mode there no way I am going anywhere. I am basically allowing myself to be held hostage by my little girl. This is the mood she has been in the last two days:

Well today I was not going to be controlled by a 2-yr-old, even in her best temper-tantrum, screaming mood. After getting the boys off to school and doing a little of the never-ending laundry. Got kids dressed and headed to Costco to grab a couple of the Lilly Pulitzer dresses I had seen the other day. I had already prepared myself to deal with LaLa. I knew that Wednesday morning are pretty slow at Costco so I didn't care if she didn't ride in the cart. But surprise, surprise. After loading Ham in the cart she raised her arms to be lifted in the seat. Are you kidding me? I didn't say a word - I didn't want to jinx anything - I lifted her up and put her in the seat. And she was the happiest little girl in the world while we were in the store. Roo picked out the dress she liked and I picked one out for LaLa and saw a couple of other cute little sundress and got those too.

Then we headed over to have lunch with Big Daddy at Joe's BBQ. Yummy! Then on the way back to take Roo to school the babies fell asleep. Both - at the same time! Dropped Roo off at school (a 1/2 hour late - oops but how can you beat lunch with Dad?). Got home and was able to get both babies out of the Suburban and in bed and both stayed asleep.

Blessed silence.


  1. enjoy the noise while you can...the quiet sucks!
    LaLa, SMile and be happy! Your Aunt Niece loves you!

  2. She looks like a smile is about to break--- Its in there you can just see it!

    Love the dresses.

    It was supposed to be laundry day for me too, but I was out of soap! That means of course that it is going to be a HUGE laundry day tomorrow.

  3. I love those cute dresses! Amazing that someone was looking down on you to give you a blessed break! Every now and then it is nice to get one of those days with the kids!

  4. Cute dresses and wonderful quiet!