Menu Monday

We went one week following our menu plan. There were some changes, but it wasn't a big deal because we were able to switch days around and still make it work. In fact there were 2 nights that I am really glad we had a menu planned. The night we had chicken enchiladas is a night I would have probably called Big Daddy and had him pick up something on his way home, but I wanted to stick with our menu. Last night was kind of the same thing. Our church is from 2-5pm. We stayed late for an appointment and then had Home Teachers over at 6pm. Normally I would have just done something fast and easy, but since everyone was already planning on Chicken Pot Pie I went ahead with it. Of course we didn't eat until after 7pm - oh well.
This is what is planned for this week:
  • Monday - Taco Bell (I will explain why tomorrow)
  • Tuesday - Raman Noodles, Chicken Breast, Hard Boiled Eggs and Peas
  • Wednesday - Cheaters Lasagna
  • Thursday - Sister-in-law's Birthday, so I am off the hook
  • Friday - Chicken Strip Boats
  • Saturday - free
  • Sunday - Hawaiian Haystacks

Some of these have already been switched around from when the menu was originally done, but since we bought groceries for the two weeks it is no big deal to switch the days around.


  1. YUMMY!!!
    Derek will be wishing he was eating at your house on SUNDAY he LOVES Hawaiian Haystacks.
    But we are doing his other favorite Tamale Pie for his farewell.
    Love you

  2. Well to be really honest I wish we could be up there with all of you this weekend and especially next Wednesday.
    Keep the faith!