I Am A Mom

Warning: This might be graphic!
I have 5 children.
I have been puked on, peed on and pooped on. I have had sticky kisses when I didn't know where the stickiness came from. I have cleaned poop out of carpets. I have slipped and almost fell on puddles of pee. I have had little ones crawl in my bed and proceed to puke all over. I have cleaned boogers off of walls. I have watched my kids get stitches (I did almost pass out then).
One thing that has never happen -- I have never had one of my kids poop in the tub. Not even as babies.
Until today that is!


  1. BIG "D"!!!!
    what happen to Ham's head? Playing in the tub or the spider got him!
    love ya

  2. oh my kids used to do that all the time when they took baths....no big deal. They would get out of that bath tub so fast...it was funny...at the time it wasn't...


  3. Oh man! That stinks ... literally, I'm sure! :)
    No fun but such is the life of Mom!