Have You Ever Been To One Of These?

All I can say is Wow!
I have dropped my kids off there for birthday parties, but had never been there for a party. Yes I am a "drop and run" Mom. Unless I have been invited to the party I drop my kids off and get the heck out of there. Well the whole family was invited to a party there yesterday. A family member party -- so I couldn't really do a "drop and run". Am I really that old fashioned, or just a plain ol' stick in the mud, or just really cheap! I know that everybody has to do what is best for them, but this isn't really the kind of place that I would want to have a birthday party for my children. The kids did have fun, but I don't even think they said two words to their cousin while we were there. I didn't even see my kids most of the time we were there. When it comes time to light the candles on my kid's birthday cake -- Guess what? I want to light those candles! When it comes time to open presents I want my kids to acknowledge the person that gave them the gift and would a "Thank you" be to much?
But if you asked him I think he would tell you he had a great birthday!
And that is all that really matters! Right?

And to be real honest if I had an extra $400,000 laying around I would open one of these by where I live. The place has to make some serious money!

But I would still have my children's birthdays at home!


  1. Holy COw...I am a stick in the mud...I do not like those places... way to many people!
    I hope you had fun.
    How did easter egg dying go??
    I wish I could have been there
    love ya

  2. HA! They are just too much for me and I look at them as aprime spot for child molesters and it freaks me out when I can't find my kids. :P
    Looks like he had fun though.