A Different Kind Of Sabbath

Today we played hooky from church and went for what was going to be a short little ride. We were just going to drive to Canyon Lake and back. We planned on being gone about 2 hours. Once we got up to Canyon Lake we decided to keep going and see Apache Lake and Roosevelt Lake and the dam. Then came home through Globe. We ended up being gone about 5 hours. It was a wonderful day. The weather was beautiful. The drive was amazing. Here are some pictures of the beauty that can only be found in Arizona. I know this was probably not the best choice on how to spend our Sabbath. But right here, right now it was a good choice for us.


  1. We've done that! I believe time as a family is just as important as time as a ward family. Maybe I'm wrong too, but how fun!! Bonding and memories!!
    Beautiful and what a great day to do it!

  2. What amazing pictures.
    You know better than anyone sometimes just being with family enjoying heavenly Father's creations is the best way to spend any day.
    I can't believe how green the desert is.
    Love you

  3. I wish we could have spent the day like that. It was 69 degrees yesterday and right now it's 27!!! Snow is on it's way--again. Yesterday in church, our pastor said-winter is far from over. He ought to know...

    Thanks for the beautiful photos.

    your cousin,