Thursday's Child

This is Roo.

I have been blessed with a mini-Martha. Besides creating art masterpieces, one of her favorite thing to do is to make things pretty. She often comes to me asking "What can I do now?" and is very excited when the answer is "Go make your bed". She does a great job and she is so proud to show off her skills. Sometimes I have to fight the overbearing, control freak in me and not fix the quilt that isn't quite perfect -- to an overbearing, control freak Mom. She has stuffed animals that go through a rotation to appear on "The bed". Some things are constant. The pillow with her name from Aunt Niece is always there, as well as the blankets on the foot of the bed. But the animals and dolls are constantly changing.

Behold -- a work of art!


  1. Wow! Send her to my house!! :)
    Impressive! I have a 'pre-teen' that thinks it's "dumb to make your bed if you are just going to sleep in it in a few hours"! UG!

  2. She is growing up so much!
    I like how you have her bed by the closet.
    Her name on the wall turned out really cute.
    By the way, I still have her "santa" picture up in my office