Party Hats

Here are more pictures from Big Daddy's birthday.

Big Daddy has skin cancer, so this year we gave him some hats to keep his skin safe. With the job he has now he has the opportunity to get out of the office and do some of his own surveys. So since he is spending more time out in the Arizona sun he needs something to keep him covered. He has had skin cancer for years, but lately the spots are bigger and not the type that just get burned off. I would like to keep him and his face safe!

Isn't it funny how kids always want to wear Daddy's hats?

Of course I can't get Ham to keep his on when we are outside!

LaLa was being a little anti-social

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  1. I wasn't aware of his cancer. Glad you are on top of it and keeping him "covered"! Looks like a fun night for all!