Fat Butt Friday

Welcome to Fat Butt Friday.
I am going to attempt to lose weight -- again. I had lost about 10lbs this fall and was doing a good job of making sure I was burning some calories everyday. Does it really matter that most of the time it was playing tennis on the Wii?
The holidays really killed my momentum to lose weight. I stopped doing anything and ate everything and gained back about 6 lbs! It is nice to know I am still below where I started last fall.
So here we go again. I weighed in this morning - and no I am not going to put the number down here. I was trying to think of some code, but screw that. I know the number and each Friday I am going to track the pounds lost and record it here.
Occasionally I will update the Fat Butt Photo.
(yes that really is my butt)


  1. So when the adjective isn't accurate in a few months, are you going to switch it to "Fine Butt Friday"? I wish you the best.

  2. No maybe then it will just be "Flabby Butt Friday"!

  3. You have a flat butt!

    Speaking of ...
    I was bummed not to see a post today
    What you think you are busy with the WHOLE family on the weekend?
    Have a good one

  4. You have a blog too! YEA! I'm gonna link you - so keep in touch!