we’ve got spirit…well, kinda

This week was Spirit Week at the high school. I didn’t get very excited, because who expects their teenage boys to embrace spirit week. I was so wrong…well, kinda.

The pictures documenting spirit week aren’t that great. The Boyz leave really early in the morning and they are teenagers. Enough said…

Monday was Work-out Day. Since I didn’t get a picture the Man-Child was kind enough to share a bathroom selfie he took.
Einstein didn’t dress up and didn’t take a bathroom selfie to share.

Tuesday was Nerd Day. We love nerds.
The Man-Child went all out.

Isn’t he cute?

Einstein…he just couldn’t embrace his inner nerd for everyone to see.

Wednesday was ‘Merica Day (I’m not sure that was the official title, but that’s all I heard).
It was also picture day so the Man-Child kept it pretty tame up top. but let his ‘Merica spirit shine bright down below.

Einstein…he claimed since it was picture day he would just keep his ‘Merica hidden.

On Thursday was Crazy Day.
The school asked for Crazy and they got crazy.

The Man-Child wasn’t feeling well that morning so he kept it pretty tame.

Einstein finally joined the fun and let his Freak Flag fly for all to see.

When I picked them up from school they said it was the day with the least participation…how ironic that it was the day Einstein finally participated in.

Friday was Neon Day…
ummm…except for Drumline. They all wore black.

Tonight they were all ready for the Black Light Dance.
I’m still having a hard time believing I have 2 kids in high school.

I’m not sure who planned Spirit Week and scheduled pictures for the same week…but let’s just say I look forward to the yearbook this year since certain classes had their pictures taken throughout the week.

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