hair’s to today

I have these pictures on my phone of ways I’ve done LaLa’s hair. I thought I would post some occasionally.
I’m still having a hard time finding a place to take pictures in the morning and get enough light to see the details.

1. This is one we do quite often. It’s just a simple french braid on each side and then I combine them in the back of her head into one big braid. It’s fairly simple and quick. The bow is from All Things Ribbon.

2. This is another look she really likes. It looks more complicated than it actually is, but it’s kind of complicated to explain. Basically it’s a zigzag part and braids added into more braids and added into more braids. She says that people always ask about it. The bows are from All Things Ribbon.

3. This is the one that really started it all. It’s one of the first hairdo’s I did on Roo a long time ago. It’s a simple ponytail with “snakes” or twists or whatever you call them. Sometimes we do more small twists, but this day we just did 5 twists with her ponytail. The bows are from Gymboree from about 8 years ago.
Here’s a close-up of her twists. Her hair is perfect for looks like this.

I keep taking pictures of her hair and post a few at a time. If it’s a hair-do that I found on another blog I will post a link to their tutorial.
I linked to All Things Ribbons just because I love her bows.

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