Last Saturday we got together with family to celebrate Poppa Willie and Grandma B’s birthdays.
This year my Dad turned 73.
And since Grandma B is a lady I won’t say what birthday it was for her.
Only the 4 youngest kids took advantage of the pool.
I love these girlie cousins having fun together.
I think we may have been a few candles short on the cake, but we definitely had enough soda sitting around.
I’m glad I’m not the only one with a soda issue.
We also had big plans that involved homemade ice cream…
but Ro’s ice cream maker had other ideas. At one point they had a power drill and grinder out…
But soon they were passing out bags to be shaken.
We were lucky enough to get the teenagers to put their phones down long enough to shake some ice cream.
LaLa and Grandma B spent most of the evening together. Grandma B was teaching her how to crochet.
I’m glad she has the patience to teach her…
Thanks Ro and Karen for having us all over. Karen sorry about the bag of ice all over the floor. The ice cream was worth it.
Thanks Chris for letting me steal a couple pictures off your Facebook page.
And thanks McKay for being the perfect measuring stick for Hammie to see how big he is…

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