back to school

This is the week…
School starts on Wednesday!
I’m not sure where the summer went. I still have all the projects I wanted to get done waiting to be done. I guess it’s too late to do them…EVER.
This year is another big transition year for us. The last time we had a year like this was here.
I now have 2 kids at the high school! I have a child that is a junior. A JUNIOR!
And Einstein is going to be a freshman.
Since they are both in marching band they actually have a class together. How cool is that?
And Roo? She is now in jr. high.
We picked up her schedule last week and it’s pretty intense, but she’ll do fine. And she didn’t get the teacher that I was dreading dealing with again. So it’s going to be a good year for her!
And LaLa and Hammie will still be hanging out together at the elementary school. They both have been assigned awesome teachers that the older kids have had before so they are excited.
This is LaLa’s last year at the elementary school.
This year is even more exciting for me because I only have kids in 3 schools, it’s usually been 5 kids in 4 different schools. This year should be a breeze.
Big Daddy is going to be in Texas this week so he spent time yesterday evening giving each of the children a Father’s Blessing before sending them back to school.
I’m so thankful that he makes it a priority to do that for the kids.
I really love where we live and one of the reasons I do is because of the brilliant public school system in the district we live in. All the kids have gone to the same schools and have had many of the same teachers. For the most part they have been so caring and supportive. It’s scary sometimes to send my kids off for the majority of the day to let someone else have a big influence on their lives. We have been blessed by the teachers that we have in our children's lives and some of them I count as real friends.
I look forward to another exciting year…

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