can you see me now

I found this post rattling around in my draft folder. Why do I ever leave things in there? I usually forget about them until it’s everlastingly too late or finally post after they are old news. Anywho…
A few months ago LaLa was complaining about headaches…everyday. Honestly, I just ignored it. Then she started complaining about being dizzy too. Still kind of ignored it because she had just had an ear infection. Yep, Mom of the Year should be in the mail to me soon. Finally after a few…no, not days…weeks of the same complaint I decided to take her to the doctor thinking her ear infection was back. Her ears looked fine and the doctor did just a routine eye exam…and the girly could make out the big E at the top of the chart and that was about it.
So I made an appointment with the eye doctor…and guess what?
She needed glasses.
She started the hunt for frames.
She finally found frames that she liked. And then we found out we have the most annoying insurance EVER. They covered our eye doctor for the exam at one office, but would only cover frames and lens at his other office. The office that didn’t have the frames she liked.
So we were off to search for frames that would be better than the ones she had already fallen in love with.
And luckily we found frames that she LOVES even more.
She is so cute.
My girlies are happy to be four-eyes-forever Sissies now.
Don’t you love a blurry picture in a post talking about glasses? But how could I not post a duck-face-peace-sign picture?!?
And if you were keeping track that’s now 5 out of 7 in the family with glasses. Thankfully our eye doctor is Big Daddy’s cousin.

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