Okay… I get that the school year is half way over. If I look at a calendar that makes perfect sense, but it kind of feels like this year just started. And honestly I feel like we might finally have a fairly smooth school routine working for us.

Then these dang emails start showing up from the school district reminding us that things are going to be shaking up next year. I really don’t want to think about next year. This year is going just fine thankyouverymuch.

The first email was to invite next year’s freshmen to come visit the high school. Maybe I don’t want to think about having another high school student? Did anyone think of that?

That didn’t stop Einstein from heading to the high school and getting all excited about being a freshman…


The next email came from the jr high. No big deal…except this time they were talking about Roo and jr high. What?!? So last night I got to walk around the jr high feeling all that jr high angst…not for me, but for my little Roo.


This time marching on business is getting a little out of hand. Can’t we just slow it down? Please?


  1. Time goes by so fast... And i'm also having a hard time dealing with it as well... Why can't they stay little forever ? ; )

  2. I've been screaming slow down for years.
    Didn't work!

    Junior high? Yikes. Those were some angst filled years indeed.