halloween 20thirteen

October came to an end with us celebrating Halloween two nights in a row.
On Wednesday night we had our Church Trunk or Treat. It is turning into more of a Halloween Carnival rather than a Trunk or Treat…and that is a good thing.
Einstein was the first to get ready since he had to be to the Trunk or Treat early. He waited until the last possible moment to decide what he was going to be. We literally just started throwing things together and then he was gone…without a picture taken. Boo.
Roo and LaLa went as witches.
Roo was a Glam Witch.
She looked so pretty…even with black lipstick.
LaLa was a Sassy Witch.
Sassy and cute.
Hammie changed his mind the most about what he was going to dress up like. Earlier this summer he decided to be a ninja, but after he broke his leg he didn’t want to be that because ninjas didn’t limp. Sad. Then he decided that with his limp he would be the perfect zombie, but since physical therapy is helping him loose his limp he didn’t want to be a zombie.
So he decided to be an old man…an old man who was 45 yrs old. Huh? Since when is 45 old?!?
After we gave him white hair and wrinkles he looked disturbingly like my brother Morris. Hammie just needed his beard to be more gray.
The Man-Child picked his favorite costume.
I haven’t decided if I should be disturbed that this is always his costume of choice…
After getting to the Trunk or Treat I was finally able to get pictures of Einstein.
He was a little creepy…okay a lot creepy.
Finally a picture of them all together.
We had pizza, pop corn, cotton candy and sno-cones. There were a ton of games as well as a bouncy house and bouncy slide.
The girlies turned in their brooms for horses.
Hammie was happy bobbing for doughnuts.
On Thursday night we did the whole dressing up thing again…minus the angel.
Hammie’s wrinkles may have changed over night.
It was funny watching him trying to walk with the walker. He said he forgot how and at one time I didn’t know if he would ever learn to walk without it. Ha!
Roo and LaLa looked pretty much the same.
We realized the errors in our ways with Einstein’s makeup and made slight modifications.
He looked much more zombie like.
Roo, LaLa and Ham headed out with the group of kids from our cul-de-sac for Trick or Treating.
Einstein took off with a bunch of friends…and for some reason they didn’t want a picture taken of them.
Big Daddy, the Man-Child and I handed out candy.
And this morning this is what was left of Halloween…


  1. Looks like everyone had a good time.

  2. awesome costumes!!
    They look super spooky!
    ...AND glamorous.