God be with you ‘til we meet again

It has been a very emotional week for our family.

Last Sunday evening Big Daddy’s sister Sherri passed away suddenly of a pulmonary embolism. She was only 38.


It’s hard enough to lose someone so suddenly, but it makes it even more difficult because she was so young.

She had a huge impact on my life before Big Daddy and I had even started dating. At the time Sherri was 18 and the young adult rep in the ward I was living in. I was in my mid-20’s and pretty focused on having a successful career and didn’t really have any interest in going to Church. Sweet Sherri was so diligent in doing her calling. She would stop by every week and invite me to go to church and invite me to all  the activities. Admittedly, at first I wasn’t very kind to her. I didn’t have any interest in going to Church or any interest in this little girl who insisted on bothering me every week. She was persistent…not because of me, but because it was part of her calling to keep visiting me. Eventually I looked forward to the weekly visit from Sherri. I don’t remember how long it took, but one week I decided that I would go to Church…not for me, but for Sherri. It wasn’t too long until I started to attend Church regularly. And eventually when Big Daddy came home from his mission I was sitting in Sunday School just waiting for him to show up. I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today or have the family I do without Sherri’s influence on my life.

One of the favorite titles Sherri had was “Aunt Sherri”. Sherri was on her Mission in Texas when I was pregnant with the Man-Child. She was so happy that she was home before she became Aunt Sherri.


As huge as I was I may have been a little sad that Aunt Sherri made it home before the Man-Child made his entrance into the world.

LaLa and Aunt Sherri had a pretty close relationship and LaLa has had a rough time this last week.


At some point on Saturday morning LaLa realized that Aunt Sherri wouldn’t want her to be sad and she was lucky that she had someone like Aunt Sherri in her life. I have been amazed at how a little attitude adjustment has made such a huge difference in how LaLa is now dealing with Aunt Sherri passing.

Her funeral was Saturday morning and Big Daddy and his siblings spoke and did the most amazing job paying tribute to Sherri. Her funeral was the perfect mix of spiritual and humor with a certain amount of sadness mixed in. (And if you ever want to learn about the Plan of Salvation just ask Big Daddy. He gave a remarkable lesson to everyone there.)


She will certainly be missed by so many people…especially her family.



  1. I love that she was the one who got you back to church and because of it, you met your husband. What a great story. Been thinking about your family all week since you posted. Funerals are hard, especially for someone so close to us, but I love to think of the celebration that's going on the other side. And how that loved one will be able to help us from the other side too. I'm glad LaLa is doing so good. What a tender mercy for her to all of a sudden decide that her aunt wouldn't want her to be sad. xoxo

  2. 'Lene this is an amazing post and I believe Sherri would feel a special comfort from it. Your family has has a ride of trials and hopefully things will soon be less bumpy. I love you

  3. Losing a loved one is never easy and at such a young age it seems especially hard. It sounds like her greatest mission in life was fulfilled by touching your life in such a way that a forever family was created. Thanks for sharing your story and hugs to you and your family during this time.

  4. When I saw the first post about your family's loss, I had no idea of how she tied your family together... I read this through tears knowing how it affected dear LaLa, and how special a person Sherri must have been to you all. Losing someone unexpectedly is rough.... and someone young compounds it. :( Knowing that she is in our Father's care now makes it slightly easier, but it is always rough, being the ones left here on earth. You and your family (and my special beloved LaLa) are in my prayers....

  5. I am so sorry to hear this! What a huge loss for so many people. I hope the Lord will continue to comfort and bless your little family and the hole left in it by Aunt Sherri's passing.

  6. My heart just breaks for you and your family Lene. I am so sorry. My FIL passed away late Sept and although he was elderly, it's never easy. I just can't imagine the grief with such an unexpected loss. You and yours are in my prayers!

  7. So sorry to hear about you SIL.. My thoughts and prayers are with your family....