manic monday

You know those days where you seem to just go and go…and go. Well welcome to my Monday.
I started the day off with a little Words with Friends action and with a score like that you know it’s going to be a good day.
Soon it was time to get up and start getting kidlets ready for school. Today that included a super cute bun for LaLa.
Then off to drop the Littles at school. Since Hammie is still having trouble walking he gets to take the walker to school for a while longer…which means I still have to go to the front of the school. blech…
Then back home to get Roo out the door. (The Man-Child leaves super early and Einstein leaves between dropping the Littles and Roo leaving)
Finally the house is quiet and I got the dishes done from yesterday…because Sunday is a day of rest y’all.
Then off to the eye doctor because I’m having a little issue with my right contact.
So now I get to sport these babies for a few days while I wait for a little scratch on my eye to get better.
I spent a little time waiting at these.
Then I stopped at home to pick up my new buddy.
We went to the bank.
The teller asked me if I wanted a treat…for my dog.
That’s right we have a dog again.
Meet the newest member of the Chaos Crew.
This is Dazie.
She is a sweet rescue dog that has quickly made herself part of the family.
After the bank we stopped at the library to drop off a book.
Then I took Dazie back home since she couldn’t join me for the rest of my errands.
Which included stopping for a little blood work.
More of these:
Finally home to get my foot up and rest for a little while.
While I was resting there was a little more Words with Friends. Check that out…another 100+ point word. I’ve never scored 2 of those in one day.
Then off to pick the Littles up from school. Thankfully everyone else gets themselves home one way or another.
There happened to be a little quiet time while kidlets were doing homework that may have included crushing a few candies.
Quiet time was ended when the Man-Child asked me if I would take him shopping for a gift for a friend of his. A friend that is a girl, but she isn’t his girlfriend. Because he is WAAAY too young for that!
With all this running around the Suburban needed a little fuel so Big Daddy and I…and Dazie made a quick run to QT.
On the way home we saw this amazing cloud.
Back home for more homework for the kidlets.
Finally dinner.
Afterwards a little reading.
And now I am ready for bed!
So what did you do today?


  1. I am so excited for you to have Daisy!!! I wondered how long you would go without a dog.
    You are never home!

  2. I need a nap just reading about your monday.
    LOve your glasses....