insta wrap-up

It’s funny that I post a wrap-up of the pictures I post on Instagram, because honestly most of the pictures on my blog are from my phone. Who carries a camera around when everyone has their phone handy?


Summer in the desert usually means amazing thunder and dust storms. The storms have been pretty disappointing this year. We have been dealing with hellacious heat and humidity without the relief of evening storms. Last Friday we had what looked liked a pretty good storm building…


But it left us pretty much rain-free. Blech…


The clouds do make for an amazing sunrises.



We usually take 2 cars to church since the Boyz go early to set up chairs. It was fun to have us all together on the way home from church last week.



For Christmas last year I got the awesome charm bracelet from Lisa Leonard. Every month a new charm comes in the mail to add to my bracelet. I was so sad when I put my bracelet on this week and realized I’ve lost my February charm. Sadness.



As a stay-at-home I spend a lot of time alone in my suburban…


Stuck at this stupid red light…


And driving this road eleventy-billion times a week.



I wear flip flops almost every day…except for the days I wear really cute shoes.



O.P.I. you have outdone yourself with the new San Francisco line.

I am head over heels in love with Peace&Love&OPI.

It’s an awesome grey based duochrome that shifts from blue to purple.


Love it!


I make a ridiculous number of stops to the library every week.


And I don’t mind it at all because it means my kidlets are reading…a lot.


Einstein posted this on his Instagram account:


Not only did he hug me…he actually posted that he did.

Love him.


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  1. Most of my pictures i take is on my iphone as well.. So much easier...I so remember the Az summer storms.. LOVe them.

    We also take two cars to church as well.. Ryan and Jakob have to get there early too, get the sacrament ready.... But what is really sad. We just live a block away from our building, we really should walk....