insta-friday 8.30.2013

It’s Friday already?!?
Last Friday night I was happy to have a little snuggling time with LaLa.
On Sunday we enjoyed one of our favorite treats: Fruity Pebble Treats.
I may or may not have hidden a couple of pieces to enjoy on Monday while the kiddos were in school.
Right now it seems that my life is as chaotic as my bag…and not as nearly as colorful.
Maybe if I organize my bag my life will follow???
We live in the neighborhood behind our school so I usually pick the kidlets up at the back gate of our school. But since the back gate isn’t very wheelchair friendly it means I have to take the kidlets to the front of the school.
I can’t wait to be a back gate person again.
Who would have thought that this picture would start an unexpected war at our house?!?
Nobody’s phone or ipod was safe.
But soon they all turned against one person in particular: ME!
It took a few days to get them all back, but I finally did…it didn’t matter if that included posting less than flattering pictures.
I did have to call a Hacking Truce so that certain people could relax and not worry about sleeping with their phone…Man-Child.
Since I have to take Hammie into the school when I drop him off it has really changed my morning routine (and to be honest, my afternoon too). I think the whole school is thankful that I don’t walk the halls in my jammies and no makeup.
Who knows? It may be a permanent change to my morning routine.
I love that just a few minutes from my house and I can be in the desert.
It’s amazing how pretty and green the desert is since summer is still in full swing.
Have I mentioned that I love where I live?!?
I had fun experimenting with OPI’s sand polish. I love this polish for my toes because it lasts FOREVER. This was the first time I have used it on my fingers.
I’m kind of digging it. I thought maybe the texture would bug me, but not so much.
It’s always a good day if it includes a stop at QT.
It may come as a shock that it’s Coke and not DP flowing into my cup. I ‘m just shaking things up.
Where has my reading mojo gone?!?
I usually finish a book every couple of days.
This summer I’ve only read a couple of books.
I need less of this:
and more of this:
We are really on the countdown for Hammie to get his cast off.
As of last Wednesday he only has 2 weeks left. Woo Hoo!
Yesterday I got my first call from a school nurse of the year. Boo!
And double Boo because it was soon followed by the second call of the year.
Roo went back to school today but Hammie got to start his long weekend early.
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  1. These posts make me miss you and your family. It looks like it was a pretty fantastic week.

  2. Great photos..
    Hamm only has 2 weeks left. : ) very cool...
    I love Arizona's green desert . Beautiful