insta-friday 8.23.2013


It’s been a few weeks since I did a Insta-Friday post so I went back a few weeks and grabbed  few pictures from my Instagram feed.


Things have been a little stressful at Casa de Chaos for the last few weeks.


I love that my skin likes to freak out when I’m stressed. Which doesn’t add to my stress at all.

I feel like I am going through puberty again…because it was so pleasant the first time.


These two Boyz…


They are such good kids. They were all ready to go to Baptisms at the Temple and I couldn’t resist taking a quick picture.


Back to school means too much time sitting like this:



The nastiness of a foot in a cast:




I’m not big on being over-scheduled.


On certain Tuesdays I am supposed to get 3 kids to 3 different places…at the exact same time!

Done, done and done!


It’s August in the AZ.


There are the most hellacious bugs and spiders everywhere. This lovely guy was hanging out by the door in the garage.

Not a fan.


Even as a sophomore he is willing to embrace Nerd Day.


I can’t even explain how happy this makes me. And the amount of begging it took for him to let me take this picture was ridiculous…hasn’t he learned that Mom should always get her way?!?


I had to do a little search to find this picture of Roo.


She claimed the first broken bone for the Chaos Crew before she was even 2.


We had a follow up appointment for Hammie.


His leg is healing great and the cast comes off on September 11th. YAY!!!


He has a pressure sore on his heel that needed checked while we were at the doctor. To do that they cut a hole in his cast where it was hurting and added more padding to his heel.


Now his cast is super-heavy-duty and even more colorful.


He is also getting brave and is trying to do new things.


He was so happy when he found a way to get down on the floor. Silly boy!

The best part is that he can get up off the floor without any help also.


I was talking to Einstein and all of a sudden he got so excited!


He realized that he is finally taller than me.


Marching Band season is starting. Last weekend the Man-Child brought his quads home for a little extra practice.


You know how loud these are on the football field? Imagine that sound in your family room. Nope…it’s louder that you can even imagine! But it still sounds pretty awesome.

Tonight is the first football game of the season.

Go Dawgs!


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