insta-friday 6.21.2013


It’s Friday…which doesn’t really mean anything during summer break. Who keeps track of what day it is?!?

This is actually 2 weeks worth of Instagram photos.


I’ve been having sleep issues again. I am having trouble going to sleep, but even worse than that I wake up at stupid times in the morning and can’t get back to sleep.


Last Sunday I was awake at 3am, so stupid.

That night I told my kiddos I was going to bed…it was 7:30pm.


While Aunt Niece was here Roo had her check-up but couldn’t get her vaccinations.


The day after Aunt Niece left Roo got to make a special trip to the Doctor just for shots.


Speaking of doctors…


He hurt his wrist drumming, yep the same wrist that he had surgery on last year.

I called the surgeon to make an appointment and they couldn’t see him until August unless we went to the ER and then they could see us sooner. Thankfully we have good insurance…and can sit in the ER for 4 hours on a Friday. Gah…


It’s summertime in Arizona. We haven’t had any frogs yet this year, but we have some awesome lizards living on our front patio.


Judging by the size of these guys we must have some pretty tasty bugs that used to live there too.


For Father’s Day I went searching for a picture of my Dad and his 5 kiddos. The most recent I could find:


From my wedding. 17 years ago. and I am sticking my tongue out at someone. Because as the baby of the family I’m supposed to be the brat.


Two boys getting ready for scout camp takes time and lots of gear.


They were both gone the same week, but not at the same place.


The Man-Child was going to be roughing it where he was going and wanted his head shaved.


I usually cut their hair in my bathroom, but I didn’t want to deal with the clean up.

So we headed out to the back porch…in my bare feet.


He likes it…


I think.


While Einstein is a scout camp we have a tradition of gluten gluttony that always includes cinnamon rolls.



Somebody special had a birthday!


I sure love my sister.


I am amazed at how quiet my house is with only 3 kidlets.

74a622fad91e11e2bcde22000a1f9e67_6 (1)

And how much extra food I would have after dinner each night.


The Man-Child made a canoe they were going to use at scout camp. I love my son, but seriously?!? He is going out in a lake in a canoe he made himself?!?

I trusted him on a river in a canoe built by Coleman in 2007. Mainly because I know Uncle Kirk was there to save him if anything went wrong.



Thankfully he made it home safe and sound…


Now I just have to wait until tomorrow for Einstein to get home.


I love my Suburban. I think I have made it clear that it’s not natural how much I love her.


But I sure hate filling her tank…and this wasn’t even completely full.


Did you see that Instagram now has a video feature? I’m not sure how I feel about it.

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  1. You were not sticking your tongue out....You were making sure you didn't have lipstick on your lips...or that is what I would say.
    Thanks for thinking of me on my special day.
    and I AM SO GLAD to hear J is home safe. He needs to be sure to call Uncle Morris and tell him how it went.
    Love you guys!

  2. i enjoy your instrgram Fridays..
    So sorry you'er having a hard time sleeping.. I have had some long nights, when i wake up then can't go back to sleep... I just keep thinking about everything, can't turn off my mind.... I hope you get some rest soon....