instagram overload

I really have the best intentions to keep up with InstaFridays…and then life just happens. So I’m going to just do a huge Instagram picture dump.

Enjoy…I hope.


This boy makes me laugh everyday and helps me remember how awesome this job of being a Mom really is.



I’m trying to appreciate our Walmart’s effort of having a section of Gluten-Free food.


But maybe placing it on the BREAD aisle isn’t the best idea and then to place it behind a pole just adds to the wonderful Walmart experience.


I truly love LaLa’s hair.


When I am stressed and feeling like I don’t have control of anything I make her wash her hair so I can blow it dry.

At least I can control her hair.


This happens…


On a regular basis.


My drinking problem is a little out of control.



Now I remember why I had all these kidlets.



Rubio’s…how I love thee.


And salmon tacos made the love even stronger.


This is finally happening almost daily.


My body is happy.


I took the babies to see The Croods.


eh…it was alright.


I love everything in this drawer of mine…






Fathers and Sons happened.


And no ER visits. That’s a win.


I had a horrible “flu” for a few days. Like lose 7 lbs in 5 days sickness.


It felt good to put make-up on and feel pretty again.


While making Teacher Appreciation gifts I may have consumed too many of these.


And gained back every bit of the weight I lost being sick.


Mother’s Day is very emotional for me and I will be forever grateful for these amazing children that I have been blessed with.



The best part was stealing a kiss from Einstein.


No 13 yr old boy wants to be kissed by his Mom…especially in a picture.


My favorite gift from Mother’s Day may have been the card that LaLa made:


I’m so glad I’m not poo!


School is almost out. Four days left.


I hope we survive these last four days.


It was time for the kidlets to go to the dentist. I always take them all in at the same time. We kind of overrun the dentist office.


Four kids had great check-ups and made it in the Cavity-Free Club. Ham and I will be making another visit to the dentist soon.


LaLa was Star Student in our town.


They invite all the Star Students to a town council meeting to give them the award and they get have their picture taken with the Mayor.

Pretty exciting stuff for our little town.


Roo was the first of my kidlets to make a solar system for school.


What are the chances she’s the last?!?


I started this book a few days ago.


By started I mean I put my book mark in.

I’ve kind of lost my reading mojo.

I miss it.


It’s almost warm enough for me to get in the pool.


It’s been warm enough for everyone else, but I kind of need it bathwater warm.


Eight years ago I looked like this:


The next day LaLa made her triumphant entry into the world.


Speaking of the Birthday Girl.


I sure love this girlie.


The birthday cupcakes didn’t last long.



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  1. I love you family!
    I can't wait for all of you to come see me!