insta-friday on saturday 8.23.13

I have completely neglected Insta-Fridays on my blog. Here are a few pictures to remedy that…even if it’s late.


We are just finishing our 2 week Spring Break. There was quite a bit of time spent like this:

It was lazy and lovely.


The Boyz had a Scout campout right smack dab in the middle of Spring Break…so even if we wanted to go somewhere fun the Boy Scouts totally messed it up. As if I don’t have enough reasons for not liking Scouts.

There was an upside to the campout…Big Daddy went with the Boyz.

They came home stinky and sunburned so I think it was a success.


I love this picture of me and my Man-Child

We haven’t changed that much in 9 years.


I found a lucky penny.


This is a double-bass pedal. It makes it possible to play twice as much loud music at one time.

It is joyfully loud music.


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